Benefits for owners/ Property Managers to host NAPINSPACE

  • ADDITIONAL REVENUE: Bring in revenue on dormant assets/ vacancies

  • HIGHER MARGIN: Hourly use tends to bring in higher margins

  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT: Suites are managed remotely. Host to only provide onsite support.

  • CROSS MARKETING: Napinspace locations are networked into our app, website and Napinpod locations.


Benefits of NAPINSPACE to users:

  • ACCESSIBLE LOCATIONS: Nearby & available when needed

  • INTUITIVE APP: No front desk, no hassle. Reservations/online bookings available in selected locations

  • HOURLY/DAILY/MONTHLY STAY: Stay as long or as short as you want


Nap & nursing rooms, private working spaces, yoga/ meditation spaces, mini gym, tv lounge, large & small meeting/ conference rooms



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