Privacy is a Luxury


 Privacy is a luxury

Privacy is a luxury


As we spend more and more time traveling,
why must we sacrifice our time and comfort?



NAPIN was imagined as a
solution to this growing problem,

the perfect place to find privacy
and to refresh during travel, events, or at work.


Instant Check-in

credit card.png

With just a credit card and less than a minute of their time, guests can seamlessly check in, and start their restful time in a NAPIN pod. Your credit card is your access key.

NAPIN pods are custom-designed for flexible use and immaculate cleanliness. Between every session, pods are thoroughly cleaned to ensure a pleasant experience.

Clean & Accessible

Ultimate Privacy


Wether you're one person looking for a moment alone or a parent with a child,
every one of our pods provides comfortable closed-door privacy for guests to rest, work, retreat, or nurse. Pods can only be accessed using the guest's own credit card to ensure security and privacy.

Rental by the hour allows guests to enjoy some much-needed privacy, have a private chat, take a quick nap, or catch up on work and entertainment with convenient screens and easy wireless access available in every pod.

 Rest & Refresh

Rest & Refresh


Easy User Interface



That’s how NAPIN was born, as a perfect reprieve from travel chaos.

The design of our pods is as modern as it is functional. Because the pods are modular, they are perfect for a variety of locations that serve the greatest need for a quiet break, from airports, to festivals, conferences, workplaces and more.

Replace the misery of waiting with a blissful stay in a NAPIN pod and realize the restful experience you didn’t even know you were missing.

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